Welcome to de|natalya, my poetic décollage:


If you have no idea what “décollage” means, don’t fret. I was fascinated by it before I even knew what it meant! “Décollage” is French; the English translation is to “take-off” or “unstick.” It was coined as an art form by the renowned Mimmo Rotella. The opposing practice “collage” is translated as “gluing” or “sticking.” So the two processes are opposite in definition, but they coexist, as well. In practice, a décollage is created by taking off or tearing pieces from an original image to then rebirth a new composition with a different connotation.

Here on my blog, I aim to create a poetic rendition of décollage, my inspiration, by layering concepts of my realism to construct a new imagery. I hope my words are able to collectively shape the compilation of this blog that resembles me and sincerely connects with you.

You’ll find all of my pieces under the “Blog” tab in the menu at the top right corner. Happy reading and enjoy!

With appreciation,